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Saturday, June 27, 2015

ADAM: Part One

ADAM: Part One

By Adam Cerny

The concept behind this piece is quite simple: the concept is MYSELF. Do any of you know who I am, what I believe in and stand for? How much of what you see is reality and how much of it is fantasy? I’ll never answer those questions for you. Art is meant to be open to interpretation, and I’d hate to fill in all the ugly holes with an explanation. 

As Lady Gaga says: “The lie of it all is more truthful because I invented it.” I, too, like to live in a place that’s halfway between reality and fantasy. Some realities are too desolate, hence the reason I need to be immersed in creative arts. 

This is only the beginning of me pulling back the veil ever so slightly and carefully. Please do not reach too much into what you see in the following video. That will defeat the purpose of the experience I want you to go through. YOU ALSO MISS THE WHOLE JOKE...SO DON'T GET ALL HEADY ON ME, lovers. ;-) 

Enjoy "ADAM: Part One"...

Thank you for your support! Thank you for watching. ☺

-Adam xoxo

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Summer Solstice & Father’s Day Thoughts by Adam Cerny

He is the reason I'm now addicted to back massages!
Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! I always love when this midsummer date approaches because it feels bewitching. How can the longest day of the year not be?

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. I am including fathers-to-be too. (Side-note: how exciting! For all you fathers-to-be..) This has traditionally been a tough day for me. 

One word I am quite familiar with is, “Papa”. This was my name of my maternal grandfather, John.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

Papa is with me every day, even though he passed away in 2008. My life changed when his physical body left the earth. I realized that his lingering vigor of love and passion has remained everywhere. His energy is all around me and present. I hope to someday be the amazing man he is and always was. I idolize him in so many ways. How did he make everything appear so easy? This is rhetorical, of course. He was amazing in all areas of life because he never had to try to be amazing. Papa was born that way. He unified with those admirable qualities. He is always my guardian angel.

I am elated for all you guys out there who are waiting to be a dad (delivery). How exciting! My joy is with you. I send my best wishes to you and all current fathers and grandfathers.

Most of all, I send my love to Papa. Thank you for being the best thing in my life. In my old age (because I promise to live over the age of 100), I will always be able to look back and know that I spent the first 23 years of my life with an angel who loved me.

Happy Summer Solstice & Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

-Adam xoxo

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ryan!


Today, June 15th, is my little brother's birthday! I have vague and foggy memories of my mother being pregnant with my brother. My first clear memory of life is at the age of 2 years and 1 month when my little brother was born. 

I can recall sitting on the hospital bed and he enthralled me with his face. I remember thinking that he was a present to me. Ryan IS a present to me every day and I've kept a watchful eye over him since then. 
He's the best guy ever. It's funny, but I find myself (the older brother) looking up to him (the younger brother). This is a societal role reversal in some ways. But with Ryan...the pride I feel to be his brother is huge. 

Happy Birthday, Ryan! I love you to pieces! :-) <3 

- Adam xoxo

Wednesday, June 10, 2015



Some background: after failing to hit the iOS app store twice, DUBSMASH finally launched in Germany on November 19, 2014. Flash forward to present day where there are 50,000,000+ "Dubbers" across 192 countries. 

Who knew that DUBSMASH would challenge and possibly conquer the SELFIE? That's where we are currently at.

My friend Justin McGarry and I are fans of the app. Justin is quite good and he was my inspiration behind creating this piece of work. It's quite simple and funny. The video highlights favorite DUBSMASH audio and video that we have collectively created. 
No hidden meanings behind this video. Just sit back, relax and have a fun time listening to some funny and incredibly accurate lip syncing. 

If you like what you see, please help support DUBSMASH and I by liking, commenting or sharing the video. It would mean a lot.

Thank you for watching, lovers! 

-Adam xoxo

Monday, June 8, 2015



I am an avid fan of the late comedy series "Strangers with Candy", featuring the genius Amy Sedaris (amongst others!) and her character  Jerri Blank. Alexia Sydney Stones is MY interpretation and homage to Jerri Blank. 

This was a fun piece of work to put together. My friend Justin is a part of the project. Justin was a trooper trying to decipher my eclectic and confusing visions of what I want to communicate to audiences. So - THANK YOU, Justin. 

**Justin and I are collaborating on a DUBSMASH video, which will be coming soon. He is a genius at mastering DUBSMASH, so it will be a treat to share with you all**
I cannot say anything particularly negative about motivational speakers. I can speak to my own experiences with them and how I relate. The verdict? YES - of course, I find them warm-blooded and driven. Driven to a point where their passion reaches me and a burst of adrenaline shocks into my system. Public speaking and motivating requires giving a lot of energy to a group of people who may or may not be receiving the message. 

It is difficult to motivate youth to abstain from promiscuous behavior or drug use. It didn't work for me! I had to go out into the world to try things and make mistakes. I fell down, picked myself back up and now I can say I am motivated from a place of internal strength to not engage in the behavior. These behaviors are those that speakers in my youth tried to steer me away from. 

This video is to show the hilarity behind the attempt of steering our youth generation away from harm. There's a twinge of hypocrisy in here as well.

LAUGH - smile - giggle - show me those eyes - have a good time. This video is fun, friends. THANK YOU for watching. If you like this, please "like" or "comment" and let's talk about it...

-Adam xoxo

Thursday, June 4, 2015

ADAM'S ART MANIFESTO: Sexuality & Self-Voyeurism



It's here! It has finally arrived! The video is only five minutes long! 

SEX - it has been on my mind a lot lately. When is that topic not on a young person's mind? Sexuality is a primitive and innate part of every person. Somehow - society has made sexuality a taboo topic to discuss due to many factors.

Since this is my YouTube Facebook Tumblr...these are MY rules. I am comfortable with sexuality. I am comfortable with sexual self-expression. This is a huge victory for me to admit. I have gone through sexual trauma in the past. One might think that the sexuality part of my psyche is broken, torn and shut down from the world.

In fact - I have taken my sexual power BACK from the assailants who thought they could take it from me. It's mine. It will always be mine. That's an empowering and beautiful feeling of triumph!
SELF-VOYEURISM - this is often interpreted as a detachment from yourself. In a way, it can be a last resort from having no power and reducing yourself to judgmental self-voyeurism. This is not the kind of definition I'm describing.

Society is full of voyeurs. We use celebrities, political figures, prophets and everyday people. The rise and fall of a leader or champion. This has become a dangerous pandemic for us as a collective. We point and laugh at the craziness around us. I am turning that school of thought inward.

It's exciting to watch yourself in the throes of passion. You are engaging in viewing yourself in private behaviors. Your most intimate moments. Do not misconstrue this with self-indulgence or narcissism.

Yes - I use myself as the canvas in these videos. I don't want you to tell me I look good in these videos. I don't need the compliments...I am playing a role, and to think I AM the sexual being in these videos is a shame. To categorize me in such limited parameters does not define me.

Do you think I'd put myself out there in these pieces of work if I wasn't already comfortable with myself? My body? The implication of my comfortability is there. But I want to spell it out here.

This video is somewhat autobiographical. It's about someone who had their sexual power TAKEN from them. They are apprehensive to break the rules, to show their body and be proud of it. In the end - the character wins and takes BACK their sexual power & freedom ensues.

Thank you for watching this! I mean it. If it means anything to you, please "like" and "comment". I'd love to talk about it...

-Adam xoxo