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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH ADAM: EP3 (Neverland + Rock of Ages + Post-Show Depression) by Adam Cerny

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH ADAM: EPISODE 3 (Neverland + Rock of Ages + Post-Show Depression)

By Adam Cerny

Post-show depression. I've suffered from this since 5th grade's production of, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." I played the younger brother, Edmund. The one who goes off with that evil Queen, enticing him with Turkish delights. When the world of Narnia closed, I went into a "chewing the scenery" 10-year-old depression. This emotional pattern has repeated itself with every show I've done since.

"Peter and the Starcatcher" is going to be a hard show to put to bed. Working with the QC Theatre Workshop is always a dream. It has always been a collaborative + artistic experience. This show, in particular, is a true ensemble piece. If one piece of the puzzle is missing, the story cannot play out. That's what theatre is to me. Storytellers coming together to make something much larger than themselves. There's nothing better than hearing an audience member say, "Hey, that meant something to me!"

This video features behind-the-scenes moments during "Peter and the Starcatcher". Jess Denney + Keenen Wilson make cameos. As you'll be able to see, Keenen and I had the most fun every night dressing up as mermaids for the Act 2 opener.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in "Peter and the Starcatcher." Special love to everyone who came out to support the show. We hope you had a magical time. Be sure to check out the QC Theatre Workshop here 👉🏻👉🏻👈🏻👈🏻 and their August world premiere of BROKEN.

Post-show depression sets in. A line from the show changed my whole perspective on how I approach the end. It's something I'd like for you ponder on and think about. "No! It's supposed to hurt - that's how you know it meant something! This isn't the end. You're going to remember everything, every single detail -"

I'm so stoked to announce that I'm joining the amazing group of ROCK OF AGES (local premiere) at The Black Box Theatre. The show opens August 10th. Get your tickets here 👉🏻👉🏻👈🏻👈🏻 I play Joey Primo. Love the 1980s and all the glitz + glamor + rock of that time? This show is for you. The group telling this story is wildly talented.

This video also includes pictures from when my dear friend KP came to visit me this past weekend. I needed time with someone who knows me. Not what they want to see in me. But for who I actually am. I love her so much. Peppered throughout the video are clips from my upcoming short film. "DIRTY DANCING WITH ADAM." No, it's not just dirty dancing. It ties in with post-show depression and how I prepare my body for the next project.

The show must always go on, folks. Stories need to be told, and I'm dedicated to tell as many in my life as I can. Enjoy and see you at ROCK OF AGES!

Thank you so much for watching!

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