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Monday, January 4, 2016

HOMIE By Adam Cerny


By Adam Cerny

This whole piece is not only inspired by LIFE...but by the dope ass song, "Homie", by Phoebe Ryan. I'm obsessed at the lucky you!

Have you ever felt like you wear those gloves with blades that Edward Scissorhands had? Furthermore, did the resulting feeling make you feel helpless? You'd have EVERY REASON TO FEEL LIKE THAT. Imagine being Johnny Depp;  the beautiful version from 1990. Loving someone so much but scared because she can only feel pain when he touches her. Despite his good intentions, he can only end up hurting her. 
Wah wah, right? No. How AMAZINGLY sad. Now take a moment for yourself.

Try and snap out of the pity party.  WE have an advantage of symbolically taking the Scissorhands off if we get the correct tools. We must live and believe them from a grounding of truth. 

I've learned this. Quite recently. - See what I did there? I learned this QUITE RECENTLY but have known a lifetime that I do technically have all the tools I need to survive. I'm also always the last to the party, so it's taken me awhile. I'm one of the lucky ones, so why not flex those muscles? A workout will only make you feel good about yourself, sweat out the toxins, and make you want to have sex.

Thank you so much for watching. This is for the "HOMIE" who will maybe see this - but will feel the love. I know it. And YOUR homies will feel it too, bitches. :-) 

-ADAM xoxo