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Tuesday, December 22, 2015



By Adam Cerny


What is an INDIGO CHILD? When I first heard the term “indigo child”, I thought of a female band, Indigo Girls, from the 1990s. Completely unaware of the term and the logic behind it. The actual term “indigo” comes from the color of the sixth chakra (energy center). Some call this the third eye chakra. 

Through my exploration, I have found that I am an INDIGO CHILD. I always have been. There was such a relief in my soul when I discovered this. It reassured me I was not crazy. I have been exuding the qualities of an “indigo” and no one thought to tell me. I have broken up my exploration into two categories: SADNESS & HAPPINESS. Yes, this is an inspiration from one of my favorite Disney films, Inside Out. The following video is part one. Exploration of sadness through the eyes of an INDIGO CHILD. 

I like to think of two perspectives when answering, “what is an indigo?”. The spiritual version and the nonspiritual version. This caters to all audiences in the way of their lens. The nonspiritual view of indigo people is “gifted souls”. They have a sense of a goal or mission, are intelligent and exude creativity. The spiritual view of indigo people is that they are "old souls" with great spiritual depth. Indigo people are not more spiritual than others. They do own a different genre of depth and wisdom inside of them.
What traits do child and adult indigos have? 
-Want to know WHY when asked to do something
-May have problems with rage or anger
-Reject authority OR dare to go against the grain to avoid required and repetitious tasks
-May have depression, feelings of helplessness or suicidal feelings at a young age into adulthood
-Have deep emotional EMPATHY for others or be sensitive
-Have a craving or need to change the world for the better or believe this is their path
-Have strong intuition
-Have psychic or spiritual tendencies that usually appear at a young age (premonitions, hearing voices, seeing angels or ghosts, etc.)
-May have Attention Deficit Disorder or trouble focusing on tasks
-Sexually, they are expressive and explore different types of sexuality without fear
-Usually born after the year 1980

PART ONE: SADNESS. This video is just ONE way of looking through the eye of an indigo. It’s MY lens. Everything is open to interpretation, so please take from this what you will. There is no right or wrong way of viewing sadness. Disney taught me this from Inside Out. LOL! It means different things to different people. 

Just promise me you can remind yourself at the end of the video that I am okay. This is a performance piece. It's acting. I feel that I have to remind people of this. ART is art. I'm a happy and sad person, as all tend to be. Our ups and downs create the roller coaster of life, and I want to speak to the darkest and lightest parts of our soul. The things we don't say out loud sometimes lead us more than we think. 

Thank you so much for watching and be sure to look out for PART TWO: HAPPINESS. In part TWO we will take a dive into the extreme JOY, LIGHT, and LOVE that indigos see. I wanted to make this a happy ending. :-) 

-Adam xoxo 


Thursday, December 10, 2015



By Adam Cerny

After such a positive and overwhelming response to my first video (GETTING TO KNOW ADAM here -, I decided I had to come back and give you more ADAM. 

These answers are a bit more personal, yet twice as fun. The questions I'll be answering are as follows:

1.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

2.) What was the BEST birthday you've ever had?

3.) If you could live in ANY period of history, when would it be and why?

4.) What is your favorite flavor of Jelly Bean?

5.) What was your first job?

6.) Who knows you BEST and WHY?

7.) If there is anything you wish would come back into fashion, what would it be?

8.) What's the most UNUSUAL thing you've ever eaten?

9.) If money was no object, what would you do ALL DAY?

10.) What is your BIGGEST success up until now?

11.) What is your STRONGEST talent?

12.) If you could get away with a crime, WOULD YOU? What would it be?

Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoyed taking a deep dive into me. I mean that in a non-sexual way. ;-) 

-Adam xoxo


Tuesday, December 1, 2015



By Adam Cerny

I've been in creative hibernation for almost a month now. Sometimes, life happens. I've never been one to create for the sake of creating. That's when work becomes stale and it's obvious not only to the audience but to myself. To quote my character "Chad", I only want to put something out there if it's inspired.
But, yet, I've been in inspiration overload. I am finding places, people, memories, thoughts, events, music, etc.. that have been feeding me with so much inspiration. I had to sit and gather my thoughts before I went forward to release anything. Otherwise, I would be releasing a word vomit frenzy of content. 
This PRELUDE is an introduction of what's to come. It's a peak inside my creative mind for the past month or so. 
It's funny to look back one year ago and see what kind of content I was releasing. I was saturated in the "selfie culture".  Explaining my work down to the smallest detail became the norm. I feel more playful, more colorful, and a lack of responsibility in what I release. It's fun to not take myself so seriously. I tell it for everyone! 
I am much more than the music video montages I create. I live beyond the self-referential characters I dive into. Things are about to get even crazier, but not in a volatile way. I prefer to this of this as a controlled and spiritual mania. Thanks for riding this with me. I'm excited for what is brewing and what's to come! 
Thank you so much for watching! 
-Adam xoxo