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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TWO upcoming movie clips from Adam!? WHAAAT!?



As I've been hinting at in many Facebook and Instagram posts, there are two movie projects I've been working on for the past couple weeks. See below for a brief description and two 15 second (Instagram-friendly) clips from each film. 

Hope you enjoy!! Peace + Love,

-Adam xoxo

** "Adam's ART Manifesto: A Look Back"- Imagine yourself in a music video, an SNL skit, a church, a bedroom blogger's domain, and then mix in a sweet message to boot! An inspirational look back at the past couple months and a hilarious look into the "Selfie culture", which I find fascinating and terrifying. 

** "ONE DAY: A Modern Dance Dream" - Originally, this was going to be a Fifty Shades of Grey- inspired short. Suddenly it felt trite and kind of lame to me. The inspiration evolved organically into this sort of modern dance daydream. Lots of music to set the mood and a plethora of slow-motion hair flips to keep us all entertained.