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Monday, October 17, 2016

HOW I LOST MY VIRGINITY: PART THREE (How To Get Over A Broken Heart) by Adam Cerny


(How to get over a broken heart)

By Adam Cerny

Let's be honest: breakups are not easy for anyone. No one ever promised us they would be easy. We were not given a guide book on how to handle the surge of erratic emotions that invade our soul. How do we handle ourselves during these times? Lack of knowledge in how to handle a breakup leaves us in self-sabotage mode. 
Who is guilty of doing this? I AM. 100%. Boy - am I guilty of this! If there's something wrong to do after a breakup, I can check it off my action list. Live + Learn. 
Preemptively, I want to say that this film is not about me. This film is about ALL. Everyone. This is about all our experiences. It's about what it FEELS like to go through a romantic detachment. 
It's about "going there" and feeling in the darkest parts of our psyche. Ask the question: what does that emotion look like? It's hard to answer. Emotions are not real. Quite logically, in the world of science, emotions are not real, it's just energy. Emotions are thoughts that are completely within our control. 
I like to think of myself as an illusionist when it comes to looking at emotions visually + sonically. This is how "I" see it. It'd be interesting to see how other people SEE their emotions. What are the movies that play out in your mind? 
These are the movies that play out in MY MIND to the best of my ability in capturing it. My films are grounded in a fantasy world. They are illusions.
Virginity stands for the loss of innocence. Time will heal. Yeah, it's an aphorism. But it's also true. Time DOES heal. Looking back on everything you've gone through, the scars may still be there. They don't go away. Scars aren't a bad thing. All scars will lose their feeling. 
"How I Lost My Virginity: Part One" + "How I Lost My Virginity: Part Two" were cosmic, ethereal, and masking reality. The time was not right to make PART THREE. Now is the time. 
Keep in mind that this video will be different from anything I've put out there before. There is a lot of angry, raw emotion. As an actor, I wanted to give a voice to EVERY STAGE OF GRIEF that one goes through in these painful levels in life. I've expressed through singing. I've expressed through dance. I've expressed through made up characters. This is expressed through me, Adam, the actor. 
Is this semi-autobiographical? I'm not telling. Am I drawing from past experiences These feelings are far more universal than we know. As a collective, we bleed, cry, and love. Almost the exact same way. I hope that you're able to take something away from this video. Perhaps a sliver of hope. If you cannot resonate, please know that the message I'm conveying is universal. 
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to watch this video + read this blog post. The two cannot exist without the other. To know some of you put the pieces together means something to me. 
Please spread, share, like, comment, subscribe, or show support in any way you can. More people with broken hearts need to know that their time of suffering is only temporary. There is always a light.
Peace + Love
-Adam xoxo