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Sunday, December 4, 2016

SNOWY NIGHT with ADAM by Adam Cerny


By Adam Cerny

**Featuring Amanda Lehan + Jonathan Regier + mobile app ROLR**

YouTube link is here too:

It's Sunday night. I woke up this morning to what LOOKED to be a massive cocaine problem outside. Then I was reminded that it is, in fact, December. I am also waking up in the Midwest. How typical.

Since I'm not a fan of snow, I kept myself inside today to hibernate. Take a journey with me, under four minutes long, to see how I spend my snowy evening. My friends Amanda and Jonathan took part through the amazing mobile app, ROLR. I also give you a brief "behind-the-scenes" commentary of how to make a basic slutty music video.

To check out more about ROLR: visit ROLR.ME

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As always, thank you for watching! Thank you for having a sick sense of humor as I do. Remember: if you can't make fun of shouldn't make fun of ANYTHING. :::kisses::: Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe!

Peace + Love!

-Adam xoxo