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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adam's ART Manifesto 2: "The Narcissist"



I was so pleased with the wide range of reactions I received from "Adam's ART Manifesto: A Look Back" that I decided to come back and revisit this idea of social media, selfie culture...and most importantly...narcissism. 

I was at a house party back in November where somebody as large as a house told me at first glance, "You are a narcissist." Immediately, I took offense. After reviewing the actual definition of the word several times, I had to give it to this person. They might be correct. You know how they knew? Because of their own lack of self-esteem. It's two polar opposites coming together and identifying something in the other that they lack in themselves. 

I've found that through exploring myself (by going very deep into the core of who I am as a person), there is a part of me that is very narcissistic. This plays directly into the savior complex I've had my whole life that I can "save someone" or help where my help is not actually needed.

Now please don't confuse my narcissism with a lack of empathy. If anything, I have too much empathy. I am not a sociopath. Let's be honest though...actors, performers, musicians, creative types...we're all a bit narcissistic when you look at our core. Does this have to be negative? The answer is NO. 

This Manifesto is about poking fun at myself...once again. Everything you see is a act...and it's meant to help you self-reflect based on how you perceive the information both visually and emotionally.

I went into a complete hibernation to create this piece of work. I had to. When one takes a moment to shut the outside world out and just focus internally (and I mean REALLY focus)...there are things that rise to the surface that we never expected to find. I found those elements in my life while creating this video. 

So here's an UNCENSORED look into "How to be a Social Media Whore." And just remember, we're all a bit narcissistic. Aren't we? ;-) 

-Adam xoxo
March 2015