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Sunday, January 18, 2015

OUR MOST PRIMAL LANGUAGE: The Topography of Tears (sourced originally from Rose-Lynn Fisher)


The Topography of Tears (sourced originally from Rose-Lynn Fisher)

Shedding Tears; Shedding Old Skin
"I don't have time to just float in the universe with you..." - a dear friend of mine. 

Tears are one of the most fascinating things I've observed in my short lifetime thus far. Where do they come from? What do they look like? What happens to our body when we cry? How many different reasons can there be to evoke tears? WHY DO I CRY ALL THE TIME? (That last question was for me, because I cry a lot...I find it healthy and cathartic)

I am fascinated by "The Topography of Tears", which was photographed by Rose-Lynn Fisher. Her name in the above title hyperlinks to her official page where I sourced this material. I found this quote of hers most fascinating:

"Tears are the medium of our most primal language in moments as unrelenting as death, as basic as hunger, and as complex as a rite of passage. They are the evidence of our inner life overflowing its boundaries, spilling over into consciousness. Wordless and spontaneous, they release us to the possibility of realignment, reunion, catharsis: shedding tears, shedding old skin. It's as though each one of our tears carries a microcosm of the collective human experience, like one drop of an ocean." - Rose-Lynn Fisher

Each tear is photographed through a light microscope, magnified 100x or 400x. "This series is like an ephemeral aerial views of emotional terrain...transient as the fingerprint of someone in a dream.."

I urge you all to check out the photography page and see how our tears tell a larger story about our emotions than we will ever know. Here is a photograph of TEARS OF GRIEF:

There are a plethora of emotions to view: "Tears of laughing till you're crying, Tears of Change, Onion Tears, Tears of Timeless Reunion, Tears of Ending and Beginning.." and so on. 

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