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Monday, January 12, 2015

SLEDGEHAMMER: (Music Video Parody Version) Sad to Happy!


Sad to Happy

SLEDGEHAMMER has arrived!
Suffering from the Monday blues? Sad about something? LOOK. NO. FURTHER. Watch me as I parody some of my favorite pop music videos. Let this bring a laugh or smile to your face.

You get to see me in my underwear. That's kind of funny, right!? ;-) I hope you all enjoy. The true message behind this is that if you're ever sad, look within yourself to find what makes you shine the most & literally "dance like no one is watching" (as trite as that sounds, sometimes).NOT saying by any means that I should be in a music video, but let's be honest...we have ALL felt this way deep down once or twice on the dance floor. Whatever that means for you; take it away from this. This is just me being a goofy ass, but it sure made me happy in the context of the video (which mirrors real life anyhow for everyone at some point). Make it what you want.

I sure as hell had fun making this video, as it was based on silliness. I came up with the concept of it coming home one day from work and the imagery suddenly popped in my head. This song is also totally dope, so why not? I channel Jared Leto, Lady Gaga, Fiona Apple, Michael & Janet Jackson, and I've venture to say (someone more extravagant than the previous bunch listed). 

Here is my parody video of a modern day pop music video. It seems the trend is that artists will stop at nothing to make you go, "What the f*** are they doing?!" It's almost farcical now. LOL! ENJOY! Peace + Love