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Friday, May 8, 2015

Adam's Birthday with his Mom 2015

Adam's Birthday with his Mom 2015

It's my birthday today! May 8th. Happy Birthday, Adam! ;-) 

"Once upon a time there was a blonde bombshell named Debbie who wanted a baby boy so badly. Her dreams finally came true and when she gave birth they became the best of friends. 

To this day, they remain friends and comrades. Debbie's son, Adam, has learned so much from her. He hopes that one day he can be as strong, loving and admirable as his mother."

**I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate my birthday at midnight with anyone else but my mom. She's literally the COOLEST gal around. How did I get so lucky? If you don't know must! She's my angel forever and always. I love you, mom!**

Thank you all for watching! :-) Keep loving! <3

-Adam xoxo