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Friday, May 8, 2015

Adam's Rant on MTA Subway Performers

Adam's Rant on MTA Subway Performers

This video is going to resonate STRONGLY with everyone who lives in NYC and frequents the lovely MTA system. 

I rant about three core groups we often see:

  1. Artists/Musicians asking for donations
  2. Drugs addicts posing as artists/musicians who DEMAND your donations
  3. The group of young folk who shout "What time is it?!" "It's showtime!" and then proceed to do an array of incredible acrobatic dancing all around you to the tunes of 1980s punk hip-hop 

**Please note that there is language in this video, but it's harmless. We should all know by now that I have a smart ass potty mouth. This is a fun deep-dive into how we all really feel about these three groups**
Let's talk about it, okay? :-) 

-Adam xoxo