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Thursday, June 4, 2015

ADAM'S ART MANIFESTO: Sexuality & Self-Voyeurism



It's here! It has finally arrived! The video is only five minutes long! 

SEX - it has been on my mind a lot lately. When is that topic not on a young person's mind? Sexuality is a primitive and innate part of every person. Somehow - society has made sexuality a taboo topic to discuss due to many factors.

Since this is my YouTube Facebook Tumblr...these are MY rules. I am comfortable with sexuality. I am comfortable with sexual self-expression. This is a huge victory for me to admit. I have gone through sexual trauma in the past. One might think that the sexuality part of my psyche is broken, torn and shut down from the world.

In fact - I have taken my sexual power BACK from the assailants who thought they could take it from me. It's mine. It will always be mine. That's an empowering and beautiful feeling of triumph!
SELF-VOYEURISM - this is often interpreted as a detachment from yourself. In a way, it can be a last resort from having no power and reducing yourself to judgmental self-voyeurism. This is not the kind of definition I'm describing.

Society is full of voyeurs. We use celebrities, political figures, prophets and everyday people. The rise and fall of a leader or champion. This has become a dangerous pandemic for us as a collective. We point and laugh at the craziness around us. I am turning that school of thought inward.

It's exciting to watch yourself in the throes of passion. You are engaging in viewing yourself in private behaviors. Your most intimate moments. Do not misconstrue this with self-indulgence or narcissism.

Yes - I use myself as the canvas in these videos. I don't want you to tell me I look good in these videos. I don't need the compliments...I am playing a role, and to think I AM the sexual being in these videos is a shame. To categorize me in such limited parameters does not define me.

Do you think I'd put myself out there in these pieces of work if I wasn't already comfortable with myself? My body? The implication of my comfortability is there. But I want to spell it out here.

This video is somewhat autobiographical. It's about someone who had their sexual power TAKEN from them. They are apprehensive to break the rules, to show their body and be proud of it. In the end - the character wins and takes BACK their sexual power & freedom ensues.

Thank you for watching this! I mean it. If it means anything to you, please "like" and "comment". I'd love to talk about it...

-Adam xoxo