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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Summer Solstice & Father’s Day Thoughts by Adam Cerny

He is the reason I'm now addicted to back massages!
Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! I always love when this midsummer date approaches because it feels bewitching. How can the longest day of the year not be?

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. I am including fathers-to-be too. (Side-note: how exciting! For all you fathers-to-be..) This has traditionally been a tough day for me. 

One word I am quite familiar with is, “Papa”. This was my name of my maternal grandfather, John.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

Papa is with me every day, even though he passed away in 2008. My life changed when his physical body left the earth. I realized that his lingering vigor of love and passion has remained everywhere. His energy is all around me and present. I hope to someday be the amazing man he is and always was. I idolize him in so many ways. How did he make everything appear so easy? This is rhetorical, of course. He was amazing in all areas of life because he never had to try to be amazing. Papa was born that way. He unified with those admirable qualities. He is always my guardian angel.

I am elated for all you guys out there who are waiting to be a dad (delivery). How exciting! My joy is with you. I send my best wishes to you and all current fathers and grandfathers.

Most of all, I send my love to Papa. Thank you for being the best thing in my life. In my old age (because I promise to live over the age of 100), I will always be able to look back and know that I spent the first 23 years of my life with an angel who loved me.

Happy Summer Solstice & Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

-Adam xoxo